About Us

NIKA SOLAR was established in 2015. This company is active in Engineering, Procurement, & Construction of megawatt scale PV and DG projects NIKA SOLAR is also provides world class O&M and Monitoring services for utility scale power plants.  This company started its activities by taking a new look at the energy sector at the national and regional level in order to improve energy efficiency and use more renewable and clean energy generation sources. By design NIKA SOLAR has reduced greenhouse gases and preventing energy loss during production, transmission and distribution of electricity. Our professional team is oriented to achieve the best results & solutions for any type of projects.  NIKA SOLAR, along with reliable domestic and international companies, are working on a collaborative platform to accelerate the process of developing the renewable energy industry in the country, which brings together Technical capacities and state of the art technologies to achieve the major outlines of the country in renewable energy.  NIKA SOLAR as an EPC contractor, provides turn key solutions & takes responsibility for executing projects at a specified period and budget. During the execution, of services from planning and preparation of engineering plans to start up a professional system are provided by our talented engineers and technicians.  NIKA SOLAR, having considered the establishment of appropriate business, by creating sustainable jobs in the industry & starting local manufacturing of PV power plant components, by establishing a production line of PV steel structures in the country, has achieved a superior production factory in Iran.  And proudly this company has been the pioneer in the production of the steel structures for solar panels with its modern equipment and has reduced the need to import PV steel structures to Iran.  150 well-trained personnel are employed in our company, which is in line with our goals to localize and train the workers in  Iran, in renewable energy sector.